Laura (lauraelizabeth9) wrote in lauracgraphics,

Request Post 1

 Here is the first request post. As of right now, there are really no rules. You can request as many icons as you want, seriously. Don't feel bad or greedy or whatever :P
if it's something you've seen here, you don't have to provide pictures/links, but if it's something I haven't posted then I'm probably not familiar with it and I'd really appreciate at least a link where I can find pictures. Also, if there's something you'd like in particular, like a certain episode or photoshoot ,whatever, let me know. :)

for now, these will probably be monthly. Depending on how popular this is, I will either increase or decrease their frequency (only two people have said they're interested, so I may make it every other month or something similar if no one else shows any interest).
Request away!  :D
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