Laura (lauraelizabeth9) wrote in lauracgraphics,

Request Post: Tutorials

I'm a member of landofart , and our new challenge is to make tutorials. There are three levels-beginner, intermediate, and expert. I'll probably be sticking to the first two, but I honestly have no idea what to make a tutorial of, so this is where you guys come in!
What would you like to see a tutorial of? If there a specific technique you'd like to know how to do, like fake backgrounds or extending backgrounds, or maybe how to use masks? is there a specific coloring you've seen me use that you really like? If so, comment here and I'll try to fill it. I need some ideas desperately, so please, don't be shy!
They can be tuts for icons, wallpapers, headers, banners, etc. 

It can even be something as simple as how to crop or how to even begin making an icon. Whatever you want! :)
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